What is Coordination of Benefits?

Are you paying claims you shouldn't be?

Coordination of Benefits (COB) is a type of Payment Integrity activity for Health Insurance. COB occurs when a person has more than one health coverage at the same time. COB rules determine who the Primary Payer is and who is the Secondary Payer. With the exception of duplicate payments, COB is usually the greatest source of claim recoveries, resulting in cost savings.  Paying a claim correctly, the first time, is also a concern of Health Insurance executive.

For a brief on COB and why it is important, click on the video below:



What's Your COB Profile?

How do you know you found everyone?

Identifying everyone that has other health insurance coverage is both a challenge and an opportunity.   Using government and other publicly available data, we can tell you what the COB Profile is for your State(s).  Try it out.

Even a 1% improvement in identifying COB situations can lead to millions in cost recoveries and cost avoidance.

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